Murder in slow autumn morning

The morning was cold. As usually, I prepared some tea in a white thermo-cup, that I could drink while walking to the office. I expected my day to be similar to any other working day. I put my princess-like skirts with big, dark blue and light blue flowers, put on light blue T-shirt, black stockings and my dark blue jacket with golden buttons in two rows. Boots. I slip READ MORE

Book: ‘Katyn’ by Allen Paul

American author Allen Paul is former Associated Press reporter and political speech writer. Wikipedia says that his book ‘Katyn’  tells the story of three Polish families that were affected by the Katyn Massacre.   Well… what can I say… Book tells not only the story of three Polish families that were affected by the Katyn Massacre, but also the story about the II World War – how it started, evolved and ended. Unfortunately, Katyn Massacre is READ MORE


It’s a story about wanting to achieve a goal without setting one. It’s a story about expanding way of thinking and defining commas. It’s a story being somewhere but not even realizing about that. It’s about coincidences, that, despite all the issues on a way, shows you – you really can!  *** At the end of July, I thought that there are at least one other competition left that shall be called READ MORE

Lauku idille sārtajā namiņā

Es šovakar iemīlējos. Zeltainajās vakara debesīs, kad saules bumba spīdēja kā apaļa poga caur dūmakaino priekškaru, izgaismojot debess malu zem lielo, smagnēji pelēko mākoņu gūzmas, tik dzeltenu, it kā tur būtu izlijusi krāsa. Pelēkās lietus straumes, kas kā priekškars stiepās no mākoņa maliņas līdz pat zemei, pārvilkās pāri saulei no tās vienas malas līdz pat otrai. Un tad pēkšņi, no koku galotnēm kā bulta, izšāvās lidmašīna, radot sirreālu sajūtu READ MORE

My ‘Latvijas IV Olimpiāde’

25th May was a day when I kinda decided to devote some spare time for blogging, having few topics on the list, until I got the confirmation that, on 3rd July, I will have a chance to participate in ‘Lavijas IV Olimpiāde’ (LIVO) in triathlon discipline. Well… On that day I changed all my just-born-plans with the idea to focus on training. Today, 10th July, is a day exactly READ MORE

Book: ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr

Finally! Finally I have finished an amazing book, a novel written by Anthony Doerr, “All the light we cannot see”.  It’s ‘New York Times’  number one bestseller finalist for the 2014 National Book Award. And I understand why it’s like that! I’d say the book is contrast by itself. It’s long, slow and complicated and yet so well divided in short, dynamic sub-stories that perfectly collide and describes overall situation. It’s READ MORE