Book: ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr

y450-293Finally I have finished an amazing book, a novel written by Anthony DoerrAll the light we cannot see”.  It’s ‘New York Times’  number one bestseller finalist for the 2014 National Book Award. And I understand why it’s like that!

I’d say the book is contrast by itself.
It’s long, slow and complicated and yet so well divided in short, dynamic sub-stories that perfectly collide and describes overall situation.
It’s a novel about the life before and during the 2nd World War from both – the conqueror and the defending countries – sides and yet, it’s not about war…
It’s heartbreaking story since the very beginning. Heartbreaking by it’s nudity of life and yet it’s cold and cruel meanwhile.
It’s even tough. Psychologically tough because the story shows the everyday life from the children’s perspective. And yet, it’s soft and gentle in the core…
It’s about the survival and power to kill.
It’s about people that have eyesight but cannot see and a girl who is blind, but sees more than any other around.
It’s about choices and yet impossibility to decide about your own destiny and steps to make in the life.
It does not have ‘happy end’, and yet – it does. It seems simple, but twisted at the same time

This book totally fascinated me from all aspects. Moreover because of my interest about the war theme and passion for France and Paris. Book about parallel worlds that cross at some point, about unconditional love that does not vanish through complicated obstacles and disruptions. About curiosity, that keeps the desire to live.
About light in darkness…

I found some nice sentences that took my attention:

  • Open your eyes, and see what you can with them before they close forever.
  • Whoever wins, that’s who decides the history. We act in our own self-interest. […] The trick is figuring out where your interests are.
  • Walk the paths of logic. Every outcome has its cause, and every predicament as its solution. Every lock its key.
  • See obstacles as opportunities. See obstacles as inspirations.
  • Waiting is a kind of war. You simply tell yourself that you must not lose.
  • A real diamond is never perfect.
  • Every rumor carries a seed of truth.
  • Don’t you want to be alive before you die?
  • If your same blood doesn’t run in arms and legs of the person you’re next to, you can’t trust anything.
  • A scientist’s work is determined by two things: his interests and those of his time.
  • There is only luck, bad or good.
  • I am only alive because I have not yet died.
  • To shut your eyes is to guess nothing of blindness.
  • […] the human brain […] one wet kilogram within which spin universes.
  • […] But it is not bravery; I have no choice. I wake up and live my life.
  • What the war did to dreamers.

Besides all that, this book has colorful language. Check it yourself!

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