It’s a story about wanting to achieve a goal without setting one. It’s a story about expanding way of thinking and defining commas. It’s a story being somewhere but not even realizing about that. It’s about coincidences, that, despite all the issues on a way, shows you – you really can! 


At the end of July, I thought that there are at least one other competition left that shall be called as the final of this season. But then, an injury at the beginning of August made some corrections in my plans, suggesting that the Riga Ttriathlon is the last one for this season and running should be avoided for some time. As this happened, I started to feel more relaxed and somehow my thoughts were towards the winter season. Until, one week ago, I realized that season is not over yet, because I had to participate in Jēkabpils Cross-triathlon.

500m swim was in the nicely clear but cold water in Radži lake. Water was heavenly transparent, comparing to other waters I have been swimming during this season, that it was possible to see everyone swimming side by side or in front. Quickly in and fast – out, because the water was cold!

22km of biking was along the dirt road around the lake with a small pain in the ass – serpentine like climbing up and going down the track that was cut through a grass on the hill. Three laps around the lake meant three times serpentine… Only if I had tried dirty-road biking at least one training before the competition… My thoughts were time to time jumping to running part already, but till the last lap I had to turn them down to have my full attention on the biking, of course, not to have any accidents. In the last lap I finally let my thoughts to prepare to the running part, because they were worried how my leg will feel.  Also the weather started to get really hot!

6km of trail running was the last part that happened in the nice Meža park just next to the picturesque lake. But this last part of the triathlon felt like eternity in the hell. With first steps I started to feel my injured leg, and the only thought I had was: “Four laps only..! Four laps only..! Keep going!” Then, some lady from the forest called: “Third!” And several questions started to creep into my head: “Whaaaaat?! I thought I am the second..! How?! Third?! How come?! Seriously?!” In the second lap my butt was hurting as crazy. I caught one men, but I couldn’t run away from him and we kept going alongside. He was asking me what’s my aim now and I said: “I have to catch first two in front of me!” And then the third lap came where I stopped feeling my hurting leg or butt, because all the pain moved to the right part of the stomach. I was sure that my guts fell out and was hitting on the trail, therefore they were hurting so badly… By the end of the third lap, I passed into the trans stage and floated into the fourth one… I heard people shouting: “Last lap! Now – put everything all out!!” And I kinda did that – at least I thought I did, because the pace was not changing at all… The man next to me said: “Don’t stop now! Keep going! You’re doing great! Wider steps! Go girl!” (many thanks to this men who was cheering me up for my last three laps)! And finally I saw the finish-line… Stop! Finish! For a second I thought that I will pass-out, because those waving hands in front of my face were blurry for that short moment called second… Water! Lot’s of water! During this watering time I understood that I am second from the ladies! Happy! Joy – I did that, what I came for.

Water that seemed super-cold at the start line, felt just in time after the finish line.


And still – it might appear, that this cross-triathlon was only a comma before finishing this wonderful triathlon season.


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