Book: ‘Katyn’ by Allen Paul

372705_506x285American author Allen Paul is former Associated Press reporter and political speech writer. Wikipedia says that his book ‘Katyn’  tells the story of three Polish families that were affected by the Katyn Massacre.


Well… what can I say… Book tells not only the story of three Polish families that were affected by the Katyn Massacre, but also the story about the II World War – how it started, evolved and ended. Unfortunately, Katyn Massacre is not the only terrifying ‘event’ that has happened during, let’s say, past 100 years. Hitler’s ‘genocidal masterpiece’ was Holocaust – racial extermination carried out against Jews, while Katyn Massacre was Stalin’s ‘genocidal piece of art’.

ff99db5334644dcdba83fc1925e8abe4Both genocides can be put in the same pot, and still – there is a big difference between them. And I am not talking about the different countries or different leaders, or different kind of people that were exterminated… I am talking about the attitude! And here I have only one question that arise while reading last chapters of the book: How can one be so outrageously obstinate and incorrigible when all evidents are so clear and well known for everyone..?!?

I think I have at least part of the answer: “The average Russian citizen’s knowledge of history are very poor, especially about the Katyn Massacre” and, therefore, I think that mass of people that does not know anything, is easy to manipulate.

What else can I say about the book? Well… just that I am not sure if it was good idea to write those few sentences above…


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