Murder in slow autumn morning

The morning was cold. As usually, I prepared some tea in a white thermo-cup, that I could drink while walking to the office. I expected my day to be similar to any other working day. I put my princess-like skirts with big, dark blue and light blue flowers, put on light blue T-shirt, black stockings and my dark blue jacket with golden buttons in two rows. Boots. I slip in my feet in my black boots with metal spikes. I put on black autumn coat and colorful scarf that a Chinese girl gave me on Christmas when I was studying in Grenoble. I took my black leather gloves, my bag, thermo-cup and run down the stairs.

When I got out from the building, chilly wind immediately stroke me and I was gobbling the cold breezes that came straight into my face. I grabbed my cup stronger and was ready to walk. As I had more time than usually, I decided to skip the public transport this morning and enjoy peaceful walk instead.

It was the time of the year when leaves were already falling down. I was looking around enjoying the time that the nature was posing just in front of my eyes. Still green, but already yellow. I was observing trees, grass and pavement when a man overtook and passed me by. He was not fast, but I was even slower and, when he was around 5 meters in front of me, THAT happened – one life got erased…   

Crackling, crispy and life discharging sound was coming from the fragile and crumbly shell on the asphalt…

Little snail who was slowly moving forward, drawing tiny, wet line behind him… was dead! Crashed! His wet line of life was stopped with one human step, leaving big sport of his guts smeared on the road…

He didn’t manage to get where the grass was still green, but leaves were starting to cover the ground like a yellow carpet. Maybe he was the last one this year to find a peaceful place, before the winter comes…?

Moral of the story: if you think that you are fast, move faster!

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