My Triathlon season 2017

Latvian summers are short by default. But this one, if you can call it summer, was even shorter, not to mention – more colder, more rainy, more windy. And those jokes like: “Hey, what did you do this summer?” “Well… I was sick that day…” are perfectly descriptive. But, who cares about the weather if it’s the day to compete?! This year I have only four multi-sport competitions in READ MORE

Book: ‘My name is Marīte’ by Alvids Šlepiks

This was very thin, but emotionally dense book: novel “My name is Marīte” written by Lithuanian author Alvids Šlepiks. They say that this novel is one of the most powerful works of the new authors’ generation in the last years. It has received valuable awards, had many editions and is extensively translated in neighbouring countries. “It is the ending of the 2nd World War. German army is retreating and READ MORE

When it’s not a day for big things.

With the first splashes in the lake of Vaidava I already knew: “This day is not a day for big things!” Water was cold and seemed thick and heavy. “One, two, three, look, breath, one, two, breath, one, two, three, look, breath, one, two, breath, one two breath… excellent, focus on that yellow rope just on the right side…” I was talking to myself, checking what’s in front of READ MORE

Book: ‘The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control’ by Walter Mischel

Do you know why some dieters cannot stick to their goals and soon returns back to their old habits? Why some of those who want to quit smoking, cannot resist temptation and are soon back to their bad habits? Do you know why for some it is hard to refuse extra portion of dessert and for some – they can easily say ‘no’ even for the first portion? Answer READ MORE