Book: ‘Customer Success’ by Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy and Maria Martinez

As I was joining the new world called “Customer Success”, I definitely had to understand it. The book confirmed that I have already been halfway in the Customer Success field, therefore, I already had half of the understanding of what it is and what it means. Based on a great example, this book nicely describes all aspects that are related, necessary to understand and vital to execute, for the person in a position, that ensures the growth of the customer’s SaaS business. Moreover – Customer Success is not only a small group of people in the company, it’s something more – that’s a mindset of whole organization.

I think that the following quotes speak for themselves:

  • Customer Success Manager: individual that help customers get the most value out of your products. […] attitudinal (emotional) loyalty is not cheap.
  • “In traditional businesses, the customer relationship ends with the purchase. But in a subscription business, the customer relationship begins with the purchase.” Tien Tzuo
  • Customer Success is 3 different, but closely related, concepts: 1. an organization; 2. a discipline; 3. a philosophy.
  • Customers don’t buy your solution to use features and functions. They buy your solution because they want to achieve a business objective.
  • Wilde success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because someone asks hard questions, objectives are measured and monitored, and at once those objectives are achieved, someone raises the bar and repeats.
  • Business scale only when customers scale.
  • To strengthen your customer relationship and to build loyalty in this new era of recurring revenue business, follow three basic principles with your communication efforts: 1) communicate often, 2)set clear expectations, and 3) be as transparent as possible.
  • […] no vendor survives for long if its product doesn’t actually do what it promised.
  • […] the key to customer retention, client satisfaction, and scaling the support and service organizations is a well-designed product or solution married with a best-in-class customer experience.
  • Prioritize your product or customer success will be elusive at best and you will fail as a company.
  • More than any other organization in an enterprise, customer success needs the commitment of every other organization. I said COMMITMENT, not HELP.


Commitment. Not help.

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