Book: “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ” by Giulia Enders

My attention was drawn to the illustration of the book cover and the fact, that its author is an extremely young girl from Germany. And, of course, the topic as such – the intestines. As many people have said already, the book is easy to read, with pleasant humor and associations that easily explains complicated things.

Much of what is happening in the digestive system, I have heard, read and studied before. There were forgotten things and the book allowed me to refresh my memory. As well I learned few new facts, for example, that also human saliva has a disinfectant and morphine (opimorphic) effect. At night saliva is not released, so the bacteria have a chance to multiply, resulting in a bad breath in the mornings.

With the lightness of the book, its popular scientific and illustrative language, I felt that I want to know more about some arguable topics. For example, what happens in the stomach when food is consumed with water – is it good or not? Or find out more about different parasites, not only the pin-worms that were mentioned.
In general, very good reading material that explains the main processes of the digestive system in a very light and understandable language.

A few sentences for your thoughts:

  • […] fiber does not make much sense if there is not enough fluid intake.
  • The higher the standard of hygiene in a country, the more diagnosis of allergies and autoimmune diseases there are. The more sterile the place of residence is, the more likely it is that its occupants will have anemia or autoimmune disease.
  • If the good and the bad are in the right balance, then the bad one toughens us, but the good – cares and maintains health.

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