Book: “The Ultra Mind Solution”, by Mark Hyman

4 years ago I read the book ‘It starts with Food: Discover the Whole 30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways.” by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. At that time, I agreed to betting – to endure in a 30-day challenge that excludes added sugars, white flour and dairy products. Back then, all these nuances about nutrition were quite unknown to me and, to some extent, made me to look on the food from a little bit different perspective.

Last year I had to spend a gift card in the book store “Zvaigzne ABC”, and when the I was browsing the bookshelves, “The Ultra Mind Solution” by Mark Hyman seemed to me exactly the book I wanted to buy and read it from the cover to the cover. Although the basic idea of ​​the book is to explain the causes of brain disorder, the nutrition topic still interests me, because it’s all related.

When I started to read this book, I was initially annoyed by the fact that the author constantly emphasizes how different types of brain activity dysfunctions, such as “depression, anxiety, bad memory, blurry thinking, attention deficit syndrome, hyperactivity and autism” is just causes of wrong nutrition and lifestyle; and how many ‘Ultra-’ programs he has created, that have helped to change hundreds of people’s lives. Luckily one can quickly get over and get into the author’s writing.

Clearly, the strong medications, whose effects are not fully investigated, prescribed for the treatment of various brain disorders, are not what our body lacks.

In the fast-paced, stressful daily rhythm, overloaded with work, we do not notice that the ‘fuel’ with what we recklessly stuff our bodies, is exactly what poisons us. Nowadays it is so easy to have industrially processed food, quick snacks and mass production, which just fills up the volume of the stomach, at best – maybe creates a feeling of satiety, but ultimately, we are only poisoned.

The food industry and medicine are two wonderful industries that don’t like healthy, self-thinking people, that’s why on every step we can buy hundreds of different chocolate bars, muffins, non-fat milk shakes and yogurts from any color spectrum of the rainbow. Just because we are in a hurry, and a quick snack is a fantastic solution, isn’t it ?!

And, in case you suddenly start to get any trouble in your stomach, you have a stomach acid neutralizing tablet in your purse, Forlax to quickly relieve the constipation, Ibumetin for any pain relief or a casual nervous sedatives in case of tense situations. And just because we can’t stop for a moment, take a deep breath and think… about our daily habits.

As for the book “The Ultra Mind Solution”, once again I confirmed (for myself) that we have to question if everything what we put on the dish is really what will help our body to work at its best. The gastrointestinal tract is very vital organ of immunity, thus very important for our body, and also the brain (!). Imagine pouring sugar-water in your car’s gas tank. Will it drive as good as with the right fuel for?

Perhaps for some, the book may also seem complicated, because some processes are described quite scientifically (if I may say that). However, this allows us to understand how complex our body is and how important it is to take care of it. Our body is not a place that keeps unnecessary things in itself. It has only what is needed for its optimal functioning, and it retains what is necessary for the maintenance of life. If it goes out of order and gets ill, it means that something is missing or on the contrary – something is too much. Art of course is to find those triggers, that pull the body out of balance, and to restore the correct balance. In my opinion, “The Ultra Mind Solution” very successfully invites people to do so.

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