How to get to Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix?*

* If you don’t go there by a car. Despite that I enjoy fast cars and rallies (if not participating, then at least watching in real action), and that I even have a dream to drive as crazy, leaving dust behind my wheels…, since childhood Formula 1 for me has been something 1) really boring being translated for at least 2h in TV, 2) seems to be taking all READ MORE

My first Winter Triathlon

I remember myself losing balance, falling down and landing with my butt first, meanwhile thinking: “Noooo! Sh*t…! I’m falling..” While I was trying to put the skis, that were still on my feet, in one direction so that I could stand up, I was slightly gasping for air recovering from the unpleasant, shocky feeling. At that moment I started to have nasty thoughts: “Fu*k, I want to quit! I READ MORE