My first Winter Triathlon

I remember myself losing balance, falling down and landing with my butt first, meanwhile thinking: “Noooo! Sh*t…! I’m falling..” While I was trying to put the skis, that were still on my feet, in one direction so that I could stand up, I was slightly gasping for air recovering from the unpleasant, shocky feeling. At that moment I started to have nasty thoughts: “Fu*k, I want to quit! I READ MORE

My Triathlon season 2017

Latvian summers are short by default. But this one, if you can call it summer, was even shorter, not to mention – more colder, more rainy, more windy. And those jokes like: “Hey, what did you do this summer?” “Well… I was sick that day…” are perfectly descriptive. But, who cares about the weather if it’s the day to compete?! This year I have only four multi-sport competitions in READ MORE

When it’s not a day for big things.

With the first splashes in the lake of Vaidava I already knew: “This day is not a day for big things!” Water was cold and seemed thick and heavy. “One, two, three, look, breath, one, two, breath, one, two, three, look, breath, one, two, breath, one two breath… excellent, focus on that yellow rope just on the right side…” I was talking to myself, checking what’s in front of READ MORE


It’s a story about wanting to achieve a goal without setting one. It’s a story about expanding way of thinking and defining commas. It’s a story being somewhere but not even realizing about that. It’s about coincidences, that, despite all the issues on a way, shows you – you really can!  *** At the end of July, I thought that there are at least one other competition left that shall be called READ MORE

Why I TRI?

People often ask: “Why?! Why are you doing that? What’s your motivation? What’s the reason of that kind of ‘torture’?” And then I go to the swimming pool…. It’s winter, cold and already dark outside… Instead, I could sit in a warm house, drinking hot tea, watching movies… And then I get on the bike, on the bike stand, in the morning just after waking up… And I roll READ MORE

Grāmata: Krisija Velingtone “Dzīve bez ierobežojumiem. Pasaules čempiones ceļojums.”

Grāmata “A Life without Limits. A World Champion’s Journey” is stāsts par Ironman triatlona distances (4km peldēšana + 180km riteņbraukšana + 42km skriešana) četrkārtējo Pasaules čempioni Chrissie Wellington. Pašas sportistes stāsts par to, kā viņa no vienkāršas, sportu (it īpaši peldēšanu) mīlošas meitenes kļūst par profesionālu triatlonisti un vairāku Pasaules čempionu titulu ieguvēju pilnajā Ironman distancē.

Mans Triatlons

Iedomājies sekojošu lietu: es atnāku mājās. Koridorā novelku sandales un uz pakaramā uzmetu jaku. Izņemu no matiem matu gumiju un, ar roku pirkstiem izbraucot cauri, tos izpurinu. Ieeju istabā un novelku drēbes, paliekot tikai apakšveļā. Atveru visus logus, lai svaigais gaiss piepilda telpu. Ieslēdzu tējkannu, lai pagatavotu zaļo tēju.. Ieslēdzu mūziku un iegāžos gultā, lai atvilktu elpu un sagaidītu, kad ūdens būs uzvārījies. ‘Klikts!’ Tējkanna izslēdzas un istabā paliek READ MORE